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  Explosion proof actuators with integral controls
  Integral actuator controls with local controls are available for the actuators SAExC up to size 16.1 and for all part-turn actuators SGExC. They form the optimal interface between process control and actuator. 

The actuator controls AUMA MATIC can be supplied in a variety of versions. Whether parallel control or via fieldbus, whether simple OPEN-CLOSE functionality or an integral positioning function almost every process integration imaginable is possible. 

In planning, commissioning and operation, AUMA actuator controls offer a clear advantage over a separately realised external control wiring. 

The actuator controls can not only be mounted directly to the actuators, but also separately on a wall bracket. This is recommended when e.g. the controls, and therefore also the local controls, would be difficult to reach.


SAExC 07.1 SAExC 16.1 SARExC 07.1 SARExC 16.1 

EEx de IIB T4
EEx de IIC T4


SGEx 05.1 SGExC 12.1

II2G EEx ed IIC T4

  The explosion proof actuator controls are based on the actuator controls AUMA MATIC 
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