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General information to actuator controls AUMA MATIC

With AUMA MATIC the actuator controls are integrated in the actuator.
Thereby several design advantages are achieved:

  • cost savings thanks to a considerable reduction in field wiring when compared with conventional connection to a motor control center
  • no inadmissible delay time (> 50 ms) after tripping of torque- or limit switch
  • easy and versatile integration into a higher process level or into a standard field bus system, e.g. PROFIBUS-FMS or INTERBUS-S

The modular design of the actuator controls
AUMA MATIC makes adaptation to modified conditions easy.
The actuator controls are available for retrofitting to actuators without integral actuator controls (AUMA NORM) thanks to plugs/ sockets at the actuator and the actuator controls AUMA MATIC. 


Actuator controls AUMA MATIC mounted on wall bracket



Actuator controls AUMA MATIC directly mounted to multi-turn actuator SA

  • direct control via PLC possible
  • field bus connection, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS-S or MODBUS (option)
  • electronic positioner (option)
  • easy mounting to the actuator by plug/ socket connector (re-positioning 4 x 90 possible)
  • integrated local controls
  • blockage or release of the local controls by additional external signal (option)
  • lockable LOCAL/ REMOTE change-over
  • can be mounted on wall bracket
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