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General information to actuator controls VARIOMATIC

The actuator controls AUMA VARIOMATIC were designed for actuators with electronically commutated motor with speed adjustment.
Basically it fulfils the following tasks:

  • load independent speed control
  • processing of binary control commands OPEN, STOP, CLOSE or with the optional electronic positioner installed, the analogue control signal 0/4 20 mA
  • processing of the actuator signals, e.g. torque sensor, end position sensor, motor protection tripped
  • providing the feedback signals for the remote control system
  • As an option the electronic controls can be blocked and/or released by an additional signal. Commands from the local controls or the remote control centre will be ignored

To ensure fast response to all kinds of signals and commands, the controls are ideally matched with the elements in the actuator. The VARIOMATIC can either be directly mounted on the actuator (standard), or separately from the actuator on a wall bracket in a distance up to 100 m (ASO 3 and ASO 6 max. 15 m).


Actuator controls VARIOMATIC mounted on a wall bracket


VARIOMATIC directly mounted on a part-turn actuator AS

  • single phase power supply (110 V - 120 V or 220 V - 240 V)
  • adjustable operating time
  • smooth starting, i.e. the actuator starts with the minimum output speed and accelerates to the max. adjusted value
  • direct control via PLC possible
  • PROFIBUS, INTERBUS-S and MODBUS interface available (option)
  • electronic positioner (option)
  • electrical connection on AUMA plug-/socket connector
  • easy mounting to the actuator by plug-/socket connector (re-positioning 4 x 90 possible)
  • integrated local controls (re-positioning 4 x 90 possible)
  • release and/or blocking of the controls by an additional external signal (option)
  • lockable selector switch for LOCAL/OFF/REMOTE
  • contactless push-button and selector switch operations
  • can be mounted separate from actuator on a wall bracket
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