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EHS Electro-Hydraulic System

The Electro-Hydraulic System EHS for rotary operations with PLEIGER actuators of series STK (rotary actuator) has been developed for the remote control of

  • butterfly-and throttle valves
  • ball-and cone valves
  • needle valves

and can easily be integrated without any interface any central alarm monitoring and control system.

The EHS-System, hydraulic actuator with integrated electric power pack, combines perfectly the compactness and efficiency of a hydraulic system with the advantages of an electrical unit.

General characteristics and advantages of the EHS-System:

  • no hydraulic control pipes
  • simple and cost-saving operations
  • energy saving
  • small oil capacity
  • completly closed and compact design
  • small structural dimensions with high output torque
  • low noise level
  • bus-interface
  • easy handling and maintenance

The EHS-actuators are ideal for a lot of applications:

  • shipbuilding industry for ballast, bilge and fuel
    oil valves
  • waste water plants
  • chemical industry
  • long-distance heat supply
  • power and coking plants
  • metallurgical and steel plan
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