Electrical  Actuators
The innovations SIPOS 5 ECOTRON and SIPOS 5 PROFITRON boast all sort of new technology : the substitution of eletronic components for mechanical ones heralds the start of a new era.
Nevertheless.SIPOS 5 products are extremely robust; they are sealed effectively and work reliably in any position ,no matter how harsh the anbient conditions. All the devices comply with the IP 67 degree of protection according to DIN 40050 and IEC 529
The body material
is a special aluminium alloy known as SILAFONT36. This material is distinguished by its unusally high strenhth as compared with grey cadt iron, yet it weighs no more than aluminium
Furthermore,it has an urtstanding resistance to corrosion, generally even without any form of varnishing when used in closed operating areas. SIPOS 5 can however be coated with various types of varnish for especially tough conditions, including "heavy-duty corrosion protection", for rxanple for operation in cooling towers.
Another advantage is that scaratches on the varnish do not immediately result in the dreaded phenomenon of crevice corrosion.
Local control unit for positioning the actuators with the OPEN,CLOSE and STOP buttons
SIPOS 5 ECOTRON can be set and commissioned with microswitches and potentiometers. Its operating states are indecated by means of LEDs; simple blinking patterns are used to signal errors and diagnoses
The operator keyboard of SIPOS 5 PROFITRON is also uled for programming in the field and for indicating diagnostic information
A padlock can be used to prevent unauthorized switching over to local mode.
SIPOS 5: Innovations in detail
Direct electrical connection the most economical with SIPOS 5
The cables are sealed with a gland, fed into the body and connected directly by means of plug-in pcb terminals.
Compact plug
The crimping tools required to connect the contacts are available as accessories
Terminal box
Reliable contacts with screwtype terminals. The connections are alwys easy to make either derectly or with a terminal box. No special tools are necessary.
Compact electronic unit
From top to bottom: the local control unit with text display, te microcontroller module, the power supply unit and the frequency converter with EMC filter.
No batteries are needed to store data.
Asynchronous motors for optimum driving in any SIPOS 5
Our electric motors combine unbeatable robustness,reliability and safety with a simple mechanical design.
Protective tube for the eising spindle-optional for all SOPOS 5 model
Worm weel and shaft of SIPOS 5
The material combination of ductile cast iron for the worm wheel and steel for the worm shaft has been used for the very first time in electrical actuators with an output torque of up to 250 Nm. The advantages : no wear and constant effeciency.
A material combination of bronze and steel, renowned for itsgood sliding properties, is used for higher output torques.
The worm gear is self-locking with all closed-loop actuators.
The gear has a long-lasting oil filling and runs for long periods without any maintenance-we recommend checks every 8 years.SIPOS 5 actuators are extremely precise and thus also very quiet: the moise level at a distance of 1 m is less than 70 dB(A).

Crank handle or handwheel for settings and power failures
The crank handle or handwheel engages with the worm shaft. The handwheel can be operated manually by turning it in the direction of the actuator. A switch inside the gear blocks the motor before it can be connected to the worm shaft.It is comsequently mot possible for the motor to be started up while using the handwheel. The manual intervention in the low torqur region also causes the actuator to be selflocked even in manual operation.
With size 4, a centrifugal clutch prevents the handwheel from engaging before the motor has come to a standstill.

Signalling speed reducer
A conductive-plastic track potentiometer is operated via the signalling speed reducer, in order to sense the current position of the valve. the signsalling speed reducer reduces the rotary motions of the output shaft to an angle less than 300 for one full stroke from OPEN to CLOSE. The potentiometer setting is evaluated vy the electronics. The speed reducer can be adjusted between 0.8 and 4020 rev/stroke without tools and without being dismounted


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